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The Gulf of Naples              

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This topographical map gives you a good idea of how the Gulf of Naples is laid out. North to south runs from the city of Naples on a line to the Isle of Capri in the lower right of the map. The Gulf of Naples is contained within a line running from Cape Miseno (in the center of the map across from the small island of Procida)  to Point Campanella (across from Capri). The Gulf, itself, is divided into the Bay of Pozzuoli and the Bay of Naples, separated by the Posillipo peninsula. The Bay of Pozzuoli was the important Roman military port for the Western Imperial Fleet. The original Greek settlement in the area, Pithecusa, was actually on the large island of Ischia (at the bottom of the map). Well before the city of Parthenope—and, then, Naples—was founded, the Greeks moved from Ischia across to the mainland at Cuma. The entire area visible on the map, plus some area further up the coast to the left towards Gaeta, constituted what was known as the Independent Duchy of Naples in the ninth and tenth centuries. Much of the area, however, in the mountainous Sorrentine Peninsula was disputed with other duchies of that period, namely, the Duchy of Benevento and the Duchy of Salerno.

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panoramic map of bay

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