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 entry Aug 2006     

alazzo Partanna

The Palazzo Partanna is one of the lovely monument buildings in Naples and is located at Martyrs' Square. It was built by Mario Giofreddo in the 1700s as an expansion of an earlier building on the site that dated back to the period of the Spanish vice-regency in Naples. The entrance portal still bears the signature of Giofreddo. The building was again redone in the early 19th century by Antonio Niccolini for Lucia Migliaccio, the "morganatic" wife of King Ferdinand. She was the widow of Benedetto Maria III Grifeo di Partanna —hence the name of the building. The building is one of the two provided for Lucia Migliaccio by the king. The other was the Villa Lucia. Palazzo Partanna was restored in 1996 and today houses the seat of the Industrial Union and the Lucio Amelio gallery of modern art.

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