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Photo Albums, Graphics & Audio (below, after graphics)

(as of June 2015) 

Photo Album 1    Photo Album 2    Photo album 3    Photo Album 4   Photo Album 5

Ten mosaics in the baptistery of San Giovanni in fonte

Photo Album of the Hermitage of Camaldoli (14 images)

Photo Album of Classical Statuary in the Villa Comunale (18 images)

Graphics from a series of postcards

Paintings by Selene Salvi

Library of Congress Photochrom images of Naples (1890-1900)

A page of WW2 photos related to Herman Chanowitz's oral history interviews about the war.

Maps: Below, each graphic has some short explanatory note with links to related items in other sections of Naples: Life, Death & Miracles

1.   modern map of the area
2.   A topographical map of the Gulf of Naples.
3.   A graphic overview of the area around Piazza Plebiscito
4.   Historic Center of Naples 

5.   The Tavola Strozzi
6.   Roman Campania
7.   Map of the Campiflegrei showing geological features
8.   Old Neapolis
9.   German map of Naples from 1522
10. The Lafréry map of 1566, showing massive Spanish reconstruction.
11. From 1780, the first archaeological reconstruction of ancient Neapolis.
12. A modern graphic of the Old City and New City.
13. Naples 1815
14. Naples 1828
15. Old Crossroads of S. Chiara
16. comment on the Rizzi-Zannoni map of 1790

AUDIO.  Updated Nov 2015.

This is the newest section of Naples: Life, Death & Miracles and will be expanded gradually. Currently (as of Aug 19, 2015), these are the audio excerpts on this website:

- From Wagner's overture to The Flying Dutchman at Ravello 2005.
- March of the Wooden Soldiers at Leon Jessel.
- Verdi's Sicilian Vespers and Fučík's March of the Gladiators at Sicilian Vespers (bottom of page).
- From A. Scarlatti's The Triumph of Honour at Alessandro Scarlatti.
- From La Cecchina, opera by Niccolò Piccinni. Here perf. by Maria Angelis Peters.
- Alessandro Moreschi: the last Castrato, Caro Ideale, at Castrati (1).
- I dreamt that I dwelt in Marble Halls, perf. by Enya.
- Mattinata
by R. Leoncavallo, perf. Andrea Bocelli.
- Rossini's The Barber of Seville, signature aria on this list of many works based on the Beaumarchais trilogy.
- Excerpt from the William Tell Overture in the entry on Rossini.
- The King's Hymn, anthem of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, at this link.
- Funiculì-Funiculà  Neapolitan Song Texts (#1), perf. by R. Murolo.
- Marechiaro (in Neapolitan Song texts #2), perf. by R. Murolo.
- 'O sole mio (in Neapolitan Song texts #5), perf. by R. Murolo.
- Torna a Surriento (in Neapolitan Song texts #6), perf. by R. Murolo.
- Te voglio bene assaje (in Neapolitan Song texts #8), perf. R. Murolo.
- Santa Lucia (in Neapolitan Song texts #9), perf. R. Murolo.
- Lacreme napuletane  Neapolitan Song, perf. by R. Murolo.
- text from the Neapolitan version of the Tempest, read by Eduardo De Filippo.
- excerpt from
Folk Music and Song of Italy. A Sampler. Italian Treasury. The Alan Lomax Collection. 1999.

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