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Most Recent Entries: chronological go-back list (from present back to July 7, 2015)
                                                                              days shaded orange have material by Luciano Mangiafico
NOV 26
wave of attacks on art in European museums
NOV 25
How to Cure the Munchies
NOV 24
Let me move the Christ Child over a bit
NOV 23
News on the old ex-English cemetery
NOV 22
complete revision of article on Torquato Tasso
NOV 20

The little professor who couldn't
NOV 18
word-games - palindromes & anagrams
NOV 17
The Aragonese castle on Ischia
NOV 16
add Violante Ferroni to "Women Artists"
NOV 15-2
Digitally restore painting -Gentileschi
NOV 15
It's beginning to look a lot like bag-pipes
NOV 13
Elena Ferrante - The Neapolitan Stories
NOV 12
Roman villa, Minori - restoring how the other half lived - pretty good
NOV 10

latest Etruscan news - new find of 24 statues in Tuscany

volcanoes - What are the odds that it's going to blow today?

IF U CN RD THS - shorthand and decoding the past

The Empire City-State Strikes Back!

History of the abbey of Monte Cassino

The Mysterious Case of the Coffee-Table of Debauchery

J.L.Stoddard, the most famous travel writer you've never heard of
Charles Dickens' Pictures from Italy
OCT 31
All-Sane Day!
OCT 29
the oblate spheroidization of ship-building
OCT 28
Duelling Pianos - Liszt vs that other guy
OCT 27
Virtual Archeological Museum of Herculaneum
OCT 26
A light from Iran shines in Massa Lubrense
OCT 25
The "pre-Risanamento"-rebuilding a city just takes a little time
OCT 24
Man does not live by sweet, stuffed communion wafers alone
OCT 22
new archeology tool at Pompeii
OCT 21
Paestum-Diver's Tomb - Just time for one last swim
OCT 20

Who's afraid of the big, bad Scrixoxiu?
OCT 19
National Archeological Museum, Cagliari, Sardinia
OCT 18
I hate to be a Kill-Fear, but...
OCT 17
Solfatara - still dangerous. Have a nice day.
OCT 15
What really happened to Santa Lucia?
OCT 14
Good news from the Kingdom of Neptune - photo shoot
OCT 13
O brave new Bronze Age
OCT 10

Book us for the eruption, dear. We can't miss that.

Velia archeo site - money talks, culture walks

Uh-oh. The snake is smoking! Brazilian Forces in Italy, WW2

John Oliver HBO - museums & art theft

FI - FI(E) - FO - FUM!...etc.

another great cable-car SNAFU!
SEP 30

"The days dwindle down..."   I can live with it.
SEP 29
Dear? Your hunting lodge or mine?
SEP 27
facsimile images from Innocents Abroad to MT's "Ascent of Vesuvius"
SEP 26
Nazario Sauro + perspective on WW1
SEP 24
On top of old Fagr...  Fafrks... Smokey, Fiery, and Icy
SEP 23
UNESCO and Etruscan sites
SEP 22
Etruscan "Cave Trails/Roads"
SEP 20

Med refugee crisis - a "Slaughter of the Innocents"
SEP 19
The Miracle of S. Gennaro- we are the agents of peace
SEP 18
Tomorrow is A. Gennaro - add S. Gennaro portal
SEP 15
The Vatican Museums
SEP 14
Add to Nestor's Cup
SEP 13
Why do we need another copy?- Polykeitos' Spear-Bearer
SEP 11

more stolen bits of antiquity come home

Neapolitan nursery rhymes

Two more from Adrian Borda - hard to explain

mystic cellos-photos by Adrian Borda & link to his gallery

Jeffmatt's Only Theorem - from John Booth
AUG 31

Nan Wynn, female vocalist dubber for Rita Hayworth-"I'm Old Fashioned"
AUG 30

Careful! Red-dot traffic
AUG 29
Return with us now to those thrilling days of Yestersurf!
AUG 28
proverbs - a bird in the hand takes two to tango
AUG 27
Drought lowers water levels and reveals ancient artifacts
AUG 26
megaliths and Donald Duck don't wear pants
AUG 25
If you chose "tall ship" --here
AUG 24
All I need is a giant violin and a star to steer her by
AUG 23
revise page on megalithic monuments
AUG 22
Why the word "fascinates" is so fascinating
AUG 21
Kurt Weill/Maxwell Anderson/September Song
AUG 20

revise underground city of Derinkuyu w/text & photo
AUG 19
new archaeology-largest agora in Magna Graecia
AUG 18
How ya gonna keep'em down on the farm...
AUG 17
I hope your city is for the birds
AUG 16
Old words. new definitions
AUG 15
revise Orvieto text & add Cathedral photo
AUG 14
Nothing happened today!
AUG 13
The Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro
AUG 12

Hannibal's Tomb
AUG 11

Battle of Cannae, Rome vs. Carthage, Hannibal

Drought in Europe, including Italy

Everyone's a comedian

Cartwheels? Jellyfish? Poached Eggs?
The Queen's Mandolin
JUL 31

What was Rodin's The Thinker thinking about?
JUL 22

The old earth-shaker's last ride
JUL 20

"It wasn't that much of a kiss"
 Pillars of Creation- Blade Runner - Ruetger Hauer's 'death soliloquy'
JUL 17
Nice try, coppers! seizing beach front
JUL 16
nice supermoon seen from Positano
JUL 12

coffee & pasty - intra moenia style
JUL 11

eco-monster (Velia)

last word on a strange title

The Christ of Maratea vs. The Christ of the Andes

We Hold these Noodles to be Self-Evident
JUN 23

JUN 10

notes about the cover of The Serpent Coiled in Naples

book release - The Serpent Coiled in Naples
MAY 24
list of articles from Luciano Mangiafico
MAY 22

The Young Sir Richard Burton in Naples
MAY 13
stigmatized and self-stigmatized dialects/languages
MAY 10

Herman Melville in Naples
APR 22

I can't quite get psyched for this
APR 18

Pasquetta - Easter Monday

Art theft - I'm surprised anything is left!

Napoleonic art plundering

Brave New Time -two hairs past a freckle- Null island

add to Apr.1 with section on BBC pranks

April Fool's Day
MAR 30

total rewrite of The Bohemian Girl
MAR 27
Pope Gregory XIII - the calendar was still a good idea!
MAR 25
Catherine de'Medici redux - more than meets the eye!
MAR 24
Catherine de'Medici - party girl!
Physicians for Human Rights
MAR 20

The strange case of The Bohemian Girl
MAR 18
I forgot about St. Patrick's Day + Dwelt in Marble Halls
MAR 17
What Happened to Aenaria?
MAR 13
Let the seizures begin!
MAR 11

Penderecki - Auschwitz Oratorium - When whispers speak

Whispering Galleries

Finally. an oligarch when you need one!

Naples demonstration for Ukraine
FEB 28

Italian demonstration for Ukraine
FEB 28

Today is Someday the Shroveteenth
FEB 19
Complicity starts here!
FEB 17
The Aeneid - the Founding Document of Rome
FEB 14
                       Graffito ergo sum          and       Happy Valentine's Day!
FEB 11

ex-English cemetery to be reopened

Here's your house. That'll be 1€ please

3,000 unmarked tombs of refugees in Sicily
Recent archaeology at Velia
JAN 28
Mystery Photo
JAN 25

Recovering Nazi Art Plunder
JAN 22

Vesuvius is tired and resting
JAN 12
update to Med refugee crisis

Frankly, I'm incensed he brought fruitcake
It could have been worse
DEC 31

No fireworks tonight! Right. Sure.
DEC 29

new photo by Sax Palumbo of Furore "fjord"
DEC 28

refugee crisis in Med - no holidays for them
DEC 18
revise women painter
DEC 15
Welcome to DaDoM (you'll never guess)
DEC 13
The Outlaw Ocean
DEC 12

The town of Bacoli

R.I.P. Lina Wertmueller

Look left, look right -- look up!

A film festival is born

closed for adoption!
NOV 10

start page on women painters/artists
with Gentileschi,  Anguissola, Fontana, Garzona + 5more

NOV 16
Mt. Etna - dangerous, destructive, beautiful
NOV 14
Another Christmas Carol
NOV 10

history of Capodichino airport

How the slave half lived

The tragedy of Taranto - pollution

carrier-strike, blue print for Pearl Harbor

massive sea-rescue near Lampedusa saves 1,000!

18th century Neap. music in Wash. D.C.

Boat on the Bay from the 1700s
OCT 30

Trick or Treat
OCT 29
exhibit on Aniello Falcone
OCT 27
Aldo Grimaldi and GNV ships
OCT 26
a wall mural for Massimo Troisi
OCT 24
Judeo-Italian, a rare Jewish language
OCT 20

Napolii Jones -cont. from Oct 13
OCT 19
Week of the Italian Language in the World
OCT 15
A Neapolitan Love Story by L. Mangiafico
OCT 13

Napoli Jones and the Temple of Frogs

Mediterranean Cruises back in business

Italy begins in Lampedusa

Sail on, O Sheep of State!

Greek culture in ancient Pompeii

update refugee care on Lampedusa
SEP 30

Renato Carasone
SEP 29
the new "Gleaner of Sapri"
SEP 28
the ancient hidden sanctuary over there somewhere...
SEP 27
Naples Coat of Arms
SEP 26
a recent example of graffiti
SEP 25
Cruising down the river on a.... giant violin
SEP 24
a very good use for an old bathtub
SEP 23

Art is a Many Fingered Thing
SEP 22

What does it mean to rescue someone at sea
SEP 21

What does it mean to be a refugee
SEP 19
The Miracle of San Gennaro
SEP 18
Roman Road beneath Venice
SEP 17
Friday the 17th - Day of Bad Luck
SEP 14
The Jewish King of Lampedusa
SEP 13
put running log to Lampedusa crisis on home page
SEP 13
The church of San Costanzo on Capri
SEP 12

The town of Ischia

Napoleon's black soldiers in Naples!

the dirty pictures show is over

general info on Lampedusa refugee center

The Ascarellis of Naples

Lampedusa running log updates start here
AUG 31

Awright, you aliens, get off my bay!
AUG 30

Hey, doc! How are things in Lampedusa?
AUG 26
Pontecagnano? Try it. You'll like it.
AUG 25
Gino Strada and EMERGENCY
AUG 24
...and all I ask is a tell ship that doesn't look like this
AUG 22

Alessandra Buonanno - the "black hole whisperer"
AUG 21

the "pyramids" of Turkey
AUG 20

Scapa Flow
AUG 17
Mt. Etna - is this the whole Enceladus?
AUG 15
Ferragosto- All hail the Iron Emperor
AUG 12

new "Duomo" metro station has opened

the artistic cartography of Heinrich Berran

extensive photo additions to "Rosina"

finish "Rosina" Ferrara, the Muse of Capri
JUL 30

start "Rosina" Ferrara, the Muse of Capri
JUL 25
The Revolutionary Little Red Book
JUL 23
These are the voyages of the Starship...
JUL 21

Not quite the Double Eagle
JUL 18
The Children's Hour
JUL 16
I don't know what this is, but I don't like it.
JUL 15
If you ask, "How much", you can't afford it.
JUL 14
The boats are back!
JUL 12
Stephan Lissner — new San Carlo artistic director
JUL 11
Maria Curcio — pianist, teacher
JUL 10

Riccardo Muti — conductor

The Torch has passed to a new ... what?...  You dropped it?!

Eros on the loose -- armed and amorous
JUN 28

We who have stained the world with blood
JUN 24

Pier Paolo Pasolini
JUN 19
revamp film portal
JUN 15

Film Music and Nino Rota

Next train? Maybe October. Why? You in a hurry?

Youth Orchestras
MAY 22
Forget your computer - Restart your life
MAY 12

Pull down your pants -- Just kidding!
MAY 11

The next Queen of Italy

Ertuscan digs and museum reopen in Tuscany
APR 30

They're not Gypsies!
APR 25

greatly revise entry for April 18
APR 18

What is Ladino? What is Sephardic?
APR 11

Who is the Bellini cocktail named for?

Lucia Votano, physicist

What is a milliHelen?

This is not a gag. No fooling!
MAR 30
The Golden Tree
MAR 22

Dante's Easter Egg
MAR 15
unscrambling Antikythera - the world's first computer
MAR 12
There'll be a hot time in Bacoli tonight
MAR 10

revise: Marni Nixon - the Voice of Hollywood

Alexander Humboldt in Naples
Chariot of Fire
FEB  26

Leoncavallo vs. Puccini
FEB  17
Opus Continuum Continues
FEB  15
Tomorrow is Mardi Gras. Give up repentance for Lent.
FEB  14

Valentine's Day
FEB  2
Schiller's Ode to Joy ... or to Freedom?
JAN  28

Once upon a time ... they all lived happily after.
JAN  25

Nino Taranto
JAN  10

The old church of Santa Lucia a Mare
JAN  7

Advancing Women Artists Foundation (AWA)
JAN  6

JAN  4

Possum tubera solani fricta habere?
JAN  2
OK, Maybe a few, but not bad.
DEC  2

No Fireworks? Ho-Ho-Ho!
DEC  16

A short trip through time to better times
DEC  9

DEC  5

A Greek Church in Italy - Grottaferrata
DEC  1

New interactive digital museum - Natural Beauty of the Cilento
NOV  20

Are you going to finish that hang-nail?
NOV  14
The Christmas Crèche of Malta
NOV  13
Friday the 13th!
NOV  12

COVID - Museum problems

Origins of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Solfatara remains closed
OCT 31

Halloween 1.   &    2.                          The Study of Maltese
OCT 29
The Twelfth of Never
OCT 26
COVID - Is this too tight?
OCT 24

the iTour guide to Naples and the Fiery Fields (Campi Flegrei)
OCT 17
Who says you can't smile through a mask?
OCT 17
COVID update- PART  3
OCT 11
COVID update- PART  2
OCT 10

new archeology museum at Castellammare

COVID update- It's baaaaaaaaaaaack!

A few words on music - from Lewis Thomas
SEP 30
SEP 26
expand myth of Leda and the Swan - fresco found at Pompeii
SEP 23

 'normal':              add to the medieval Medical School  of Salerno
SEP 19
 'normal':  1. The Wizard of The Night is Large: Martin Gardner
                 2. San Gennaro -- a Pandemiracle?
SEP 12

'normal' entry:    They don't make them like this anymore! Talitha - (ship)

 'normal' entry:                       All Good Things...(Fusaro)

 'normal' entry:                       Look at this litter! Seneca.
AUG 25

  covid-19 entry:           Is this the "second shoe" dropping?

 'normal' entry:    Opus Conntinuum  - Winners of the Art Contest
JUL 30

 'normal' entry:   The Return of Opus Continuum- at Lake Fusaro
JUL 17
 'normal' entry:       Enrichetta Caracciolo, Escaping the Cloister
JUL 11

 'normal' entry:        Totò & Walter Pidgeon, The Two Colonels

   'normal' entry:               To the memory of Massimo Troisi
MAY 27
  still in the woods!          The Good, the Bad, and the Normal
MAY 20

  a 'normal' entry:      Naples sketchbook of T. Jones, Welsh painter, on-line
MAY 19
  still in the woods!               Mill Arooouuund - March!
MAY 14

  still in the woods!                    Almost there?

  finally - a 'normal' entry:   Roberto Bracco -  a dissident under Fascism

  still in the woods!               You call this open?

  still in the woods!           Crocus  & Rosebud, etc.

  still in the woods!               After May Day      
APR 30

  still in the woods!             Finding the Big N
APR 29
  still in the woods!     We're not out of the woods yet
APR 28
     still here!                    Return to Normalcy
APR 27
     still here!                          Festina lente
APR 26
     still here!                   Liberation Day & Quarantine
APR 25
     still here!                        It's Byronic Man!
APR 24
     still here!                     Lazarus, Come Forth!
APR 23
     still here!                       Tough on Tourism
APR 22
     still here!             Easter eggs and Social Strength
APR 21
     still here!                  Three important persons
APR 20

     still here!                         Roof-running
APR 19
     still here!                      On a smaller scale
APR 18
     still here!                         The Big Picture
APR 17
     still here!                        Creeping Fascism
APR 16
     still here!                       I wandered lonely as...
APR 15
     still here!                          Going Walkies
APR 14
     still here!                     Quarantine and Dreamtime
APR 13
     still here!                      Pasquetta - "Little Easter"
APR 12
     still here!                    Getting around the Quarantine
APR 11
     still here!                    What about our resurrection?!
APR 10

     still here!                       Forget Apples of the Sun!

     still here!                           What's so funny?

     still here!                       Run-of-the-mill stories

     still here!                            Security blanket

     still here!                                   Bad and Good

     still here!                                      Saving art

     still here!                                What's in a name?

     still here!                                Citizens of Earth!

     still here!                                WILCO - Will Comply

     still here!            The Garden of Neapolitan Quarantines
MAR 31

     still here!               The siren, the volcano & the bay
MAR 30

     still here!                  Things you don't think about
MAR 29
     still here!                        Are we going stir crazy?
MAR 28
     still here!                      human & inhuman interest
MAR 27
     still here!                          irony & Santa Corona
MAR 26
     still here!                             IMMAGINARIA 2020
MAR 25
     still here!                                   Earthrise
MAR 24
     still here!                             Are we giddy yet?
MAR 23
     still here!                          Your goat is under arrest
MAR 22
     still here!                             things that don't work
MAR 21

     still here!                             looking for bright spots
MAR 20

     still here!                        much a-doo-doo about nothing
MAR 19
     still here!                                    spring fa-la-la
MAR 18
     still here!                                help from China
MAR 17
     still here!                    Now I feel better. Guess Who's here!
MAR 15

     still here!                   The Case of the Missing Door-Mouse
March 14 -added "hang in there" thank you note to readers, top of home page

Mozart in Naples
MAR13  Friday the 13th --so what!
FEB 27
This, too, is art
FEB 29 add images: la Maddalena, Rossini
FEB 20

D'Annunzio in Naples
FEB 25 Mardi Gras in Malta

ice-caves on Etna
Lillo - Hey, Al - Got the time?
JAN 20

Sabrina Spielrein
JAN 24 Lenin in Capri
JAN 19

vaccinations in Bourbon Naples in 1798
JAN 11
+1693 Sicily to "other quakes"
JAN 14 Val di Noto Baroque, Sicily

add graphic to "Greeks"
JAN 10
saints & holy relics of Naples

Befana 2020
add graphic to "Acropolis"

Romanesque architecture in southern Italy

extra entry on San Martino
DEC 30

two special versions of the presepe, the Christmas Crèche
DEC 28
add map to Anacapri
DEC 29 add painting to Vietri
DEC 25
add comments to Carnal Charity
DEC 27  More blood miracles 'non-gennaro'
DEC 20

The Veiled Son
DEC 21 Sister Giulia & Carnal Charity
DEC 17
complete revision of Dec. 16, "A Coincidence."
DEC 13

Quarters of Naples - Metro Cities
DEC 16  Robinson poem, painting, art academy

We Dare You! (treenap)
DEC 11
Metropolitan Cities

Pompeii thermal baths discovered and now open to visitors

and more fakes
more fakery
add fakes to Dec. 1
NOV 21

Leo duh Wino
NOV 28
Igor & Pabo on the road
NOV 19
Carlo Rossi & Italian architecture in Imperial Russia
NOV 16
NOV 18 painting by Selene Salvi
NOV 12
 Oscar Wilde (2) in Naples
NOV 14
Flo-Flo, float on, float off
NOV 10
 Bernadino Telesio

Italian Architecture & the Siege of Leningrad
0CT 30

finished new (2019) retranslation of The Suboil of Naples
0CT 27
Aqueducts ch.8 -Subsoil of Naples
0CT 29   Sewers-ch.8-Subsoil of Naples
0CT 26
conserving the wall paintings at Herculaneum
0CT 24
 nightshade - yummy - Cheshire
0CT 25  add to Golden Bough - film done
0CT 21

more on the Subsoil of Naples translation
0CT 14

Agnano's Last Stand --everything in ruins
0CT 13

a new translation of The Subsoil of Naples for this website
0CT 9

 more on Herculaneum scrolls
0CT 11  Agnano's last stand, bye-bye everything
0CT 4

 A good sign
0CT 7  postage stamp for Pino Daniele
0CT 3

add Lighthouse to Hell
SEP 28

 livability, quality of life rankings
 0CT 1
  Go to Hell!
SEP 24

The Search for the Golden Bough Continues
SEP 23

 A musical curiosity about Malta
SEP 19
 Miracle of San Gennaro
SEP 20/1
 Rackete - Pimentel - In peril on the sea
SEP 15
 Creepy ghost stories
SEP 18  The art of faking art history
SEP 13
 Friday the 13th!
SEP 14  add 'forts' to Malta

 revise: Malta
SEP 11  add to Herculaneum papyri

 add MK poem to Leopardi
AUG 28
 The Weird Blue Danube
SEP 1  Anna Maria Ortese
AUG 26
 +box to Two Women
AUG 27  revise Kurgan/Gimbutas
AUG 24
 + box to Boom
AUG 25  +box to  Femminiello
AUG 22
 add MK box to Leopardi
AUG 23  +box to   Spanish Quarter
AUG 20

 add box to Lake Averno
AUG 21
 Street music
AUG 17
AUG 19  Listening to Naples
AUG 15
 Toys & Tenders
AUG 16    just jewelry?
AUG 11
 latest add to Frank A. Perret
AUG13  the Madonna Tree of Mt. Somma

 update Solfatara
  update Frank A. Perret
JUL 27

 Again, MK
JUL 31
 The Last Duel
JUL 19
 too many Charleses?
JUL 25  serpent coiled in Naples - more
JUL 18

Capodimonte art gallery under the French /1799 & 1806-15
JUL 12
 mystery of the Cyclades
JUL 15   Sacred relics. Not a big thing.
JUL 10

  start Miscellany p.74
JUL 11   together at last

 revise 'Other Quakes'
 add to "Geology" (quake prediction)

 Marian church/shrine, Pompei
JUL 5   Stromboli erupts

 Roman Social War
  Is Darth home?
JUN 21
 Big Boat, Andromeda
JUN 26   Ancient Taranto
JUN 13

 Hirpinia Museum in Avellino
JUN 14  modern & trad. geographical names

 D-Day, boats of the Bay 2019
JUN 9  What is a myth?
 Trieste - new ship, Castellammare
 "Gently rest..." from Zaide by Mozart

 Fixing Roman roads with iron
MAY23  Ghost singers

 A whale of a tale
MAY 12  What, Me Worry?
MAY  2
 update to the Voynich manuscript
MAY  4  redesign main index top box
APR  25
 add Luigi Lablache to Thalberg
APR  28  Francesco Rosi & The Magliari
APR  16
 add to Thalberg
APR  22  Pasquetta 2019
APR  3

 Roman Fast Food 2
APR  13  footnote to the ship Odessa
MAR  16

 Book: Delirious Naples
MAR  31  big art theft -- Salvator Mundi

 Levico - Redux
 Danish "Tall Ship"

JAN 28
in memory of my wife, Luciana
JAN 10

 Revise Perret
JAN 18  Photographer Riccardo Carbone

 finish hist. of Neapolitan Painting
JAN 8  Frank A. Perret

 WW2 - Battle of Ortona
 Befana for refugees

 New Year's injuries -- same old story
up to 2019

 Viaggio in Italia, part II

 add to Neapolitan Painting
DEC 29
 start Miscellany73 --Etna eruption & quake

           AND ----------------------------->
DEC 14
 add blue box to Neapolitan painting
 The Collection of a Prince
DEC 9  German air raid on Bari, Dec. 1943
NOV 23
 Edoardo De Angelis
 NOV 28  short history of Neapolitan painting
NOV 19
 Viaggio in Italia, film, Rosselini
NOV 20  Leda and the Swan
NOV 16
 Syracuse - ancient city
NOV 17  The magnificent magmathon!
NOV 12
 the Master of Beffi
NOV 14  Neapolitan triptych

 the physics of pizza
NOV 10  tomorrow - for various reasons

 saving Venice
NOV 5  Posillipo chainsaw massacre
OCT 30

 A Special Day (film)
 Ieri, oggi, domani (film)
OCT 28
 Escher exhibit
OCT 29  'Tis the season to use moly
OCT 26
 Downtown Paestum Saturday Night
OCT 27  Futurism
OCT 23
 Pompeii/Vesuvius date wrong!
OCT 24  Zeus back home
OCT 19
 coastal flooding
OCT 20  home, hearth & oikos
OCT 15
 IMMAGINARIA 2019, pt. 3
OCT 16  Trouble om Etna?
OCT 12
 add DH Lawrence Etruscan Places
OCT 13  more on "virtual unravelling"
OCT 10

  new discovery of frescoes, Pompeii

 OCT 8  Mortuary analysis  -  Cuma
SEP 26
 Pompeii & Delos
 OCT 1
  quate, crepa, rota
SEP 19
 San Gennaro
 SEP 23  amber books of bugs
SEP 14

 "living" museums, etc.
 SEP 17  the 'Kurgan' Hypothesis (Gimbutas)

scio me nihil scire --Latin
 SEP 9  add to Salerno invasion
AUG 30

 add audio scroll to Neap. song page
 SEP 2  Finish Neapolitan song page
AUG 29
 The Abruzzi Road
 AUG 29  About the songs - 2
AUG 27
  Vikings in the south
 AUG 28  About the songs - 1
AUG 24
  EU cultural routes
 AUG 25  add box to Cryptic Inscriptions
AUG 22
  add to Ferragosto
 AUG 23  Waiting for Parthenope
AUG 19
 AUG 21  ancient Stabiae
AUG 17
 S. Sebastian - Naples & Alatri
 AUG 17  Friday the 17th
AUG 13
  EUR / E42
 AUG 15  begin Misc. 71   &     Ferragosto

  theTwin Towns, Eboli-Campagna
 AUG 11  add to transumanza

 Garibaldi's double - John Peard
 AUG 7  Salerno invasion info box
 on the road - the SS18
 AUG 3  the Balvano train disaster
JUL 29
 coins of many realms
 JUL 31  the castle of Rocca Cilento
JUL 26

 Bumper Cars
 JUL 28  eclipse!
JUL 22
 Edenlandia reopens
 JUL 24
 On the Road with Maxwell
 JUL 19
 summer posters
 JUL 21
 the Good Ship Giulia
 JUL 16
 Flags - Malmediterraneo
 JUL 17  The Iron Age at Capodimonte
 JUL 14
 Positano, Roman villa
 JUL 15  The Spirit of Andy!
 JUL 12
 largest theater in Italy
 JUL 13   Friday!
 JUL 10

 revise July 6
 JUL 11  Chinese imperial army statues
  JUL 7

  JUL 8  Early film making in Naples
 JUL 5

 the temple builders of Malta
  JUL 6  Anyone got a comb?
 JUL 3

 Edwad Lear in S. Italy
 JUL 4
 fine wine
 JUL 1
 Where Eagles Soar
 JUL 2  a drive-through cave!
 JN 26
 Abruzzo National Park
 JUN 28  National parks in Southern Italy
 JN 23

 The original Orientale university
 JUN25  UNESCO on the beech
 JN 19
  "Good fences make..."
 JUN 21
 JN 15
  Greek in Italy (2)
 JUN 16  table-top model of Pompeii
 JN 10
  A lesson from Alfred  JUN 12  The Alphabet in Italy
 JUN 6

  Nestors Cup 2, Kinds of Writing
 JUN 7  La Grace (ship)
 JUN 1

 The First Naples?
 JUN 3  il Napoletano (horse)
 MAY 25
 Saving Seneca
 MAY 26  Parthenope (painting)
 MAY 18
 consolidate university page
 MAY 22  Pompeii textiles exhibit
 MAY 10
 MAY 14  revise: Goths
 MAY 7

 Monuments in May
 MAY 9  The Goths
 APR 27
 tri-color fly-by
 APR 30  phyletics and fairy-tales
 APR 18
 revise S. Giuseppe a Chiaia
 APR 20  "Stand by to repel brothers..."
 APR 14

  edit Venice lagoon
 APR 16  A bird in the hand...
 MAR 31

 APR 2
 Spanish-Arab music
 MAR 25
  Paleolithic Park
 MAR 29  Norman Douglas (2)
 MAR 24
 Metro Week (paper)
 MAR 25  Nature hikes with NUg
 MAR 20

  add box to 'Etruscans'
 MAR 21  the Casina Pompeiana
 MAR 16
  Ancient port of Palepolis
 MAR 6
 Hiking above the Amalfi coast
 MAR 14  Euro. Migration Associations
 FEB 28
 Roman Concrete
 MAR 6  Concrete - revised
 FEB 23
 Roman Gate to Hell
 FEB 24  Dohrn Zool. Station -  a look back
 FEB 20

 The Way (Shell) of St. James
 FEB 22  Phoenecian Routes
 FEB 12

  Santa Matrona (chapel)
 FEB 14   Valogno village murals
 FEB 4

  add to WW2 photos  FEB 7
  add 2 to WW2 photos
 JAN 18
 add to WW2 photos  FEB 1  the Voynich manuscript
 JAN 15
 add to WW2 photos
 JAN 17 add to WW2 photos
 JAN 13
 Ninfa - the garden
 JAN 14  add #5 & 6 to WW2 photos
 JAN 11

 no.2 in new WW2 photos
 JAN 12  add #'s 3 & 4 to previous
 JAN 7

 still Merry Christmas!
 JAN 10 no. 1 in new WW2 photos from Herman
 JAN 3

 something fishy
 JAN 6   Befana
 JAN 1

 JAN 2  Sacred Heart, Institute
up to 2018
DEC 29
 food note to Dec 24
DEC 30
 Cold War Aboard the Odessa
DEC 26
 Santo Stefano
DEC 28  A Tale of Two Trees
DEC 23
 view of the Chiaia quarter, 1701
DEC 24  Christmas Eve
DEC 20

 hiking the Phoenecian Steps
DEC 21  the winter solstice
DEC 13

DEC 15  longevity in Cilento

 Christmas busking
DEC 8  Intangible pizza

 Fed. Italian Parks  (FEDERPARCHI)
DEC 4  revise Pelagie islands
Nov 30

 add to street art
 add to A.Kircher
Nov 23
 When Street Art Speaks
Nov 27  Flemish primitives
Nov 16

Salvator Mundi - oops?
Nov 22  JFK in Naples
Nov 8

Rebuilding ancient ruins
Nov 13  Segesta
Nov 1

Nov 4  Selinunte
Oct 18
Giulia Civita Franceschi
Oct 29
museum La Maddalena-Sardinia
Oct 8

Little Flower's Fliers!
Oct 15
add pix to Purgatory
Sep 24
writers' collective
Sep 29  add to Arab Influence (India)
Sep 19
Miracle of San Gennaro
Sep 22  Purgatory?
Aug 22

  'small' quake - Ischia
Sep 13
Solfatara fatality
Jul 26
 The Cruise of the Malahne
Aug 8 start miscellany page 68
Jun 20

The Miracle of Dunkirk
Jun 25 world's ugliest Neapolitan
Jun 15
add pix-Innocents Abroad
Jun 19 The Book of Light
Jun 8

super-train station finished
Jun 10 Greeks myths at Museum
Jun 3

Leander (ship)
Jun 6 Ischia-Epomeo cave church
May 24
update: Devil's footprints
May 29 more haunted houses
May 21

the Isle of Women
May 23 Croce-youthful nostalgia
May 17
at least it has sails
May 19 Croce & B.Capasso
May 14
revise lighthouse page
May 16 finish Niccolò Pesce
May 9

The Crocodile Story
May 12 legend of Niccolò Pesce
May 6

Here we go again
May 7 A. Grande - 9 Neapolitan Songs
Apr 30

Neap. Stories & Legends
May 5 Spanish lesson!
Apr 21

add to i Vergini
Apr 24 Lucrezia d'Alagno
Apr 15
Apr 18 Naples & the Holy Grail
Apr 12
revise New Towns 1783
Apr 13 revise 'majolica'
Apr 9

update pianist Thalberg
Apr 10 update zoo-consolidate page
Apr 6

add to Early Jews in Italy
Apr 7 update Matera
Apr 2
re previous entry
Apr 4 painting a song
Mar 25
add to Mary Shelley
Mar 27 Jewish catacombs at Cuma?
Mar 19
saving art in 1861
Mar 21 add images to Arab influence
Mar 14
zip-line to heaven
Mar 17 add to Buffalo Bill
Mar 8

add to WWF-oases list
Mar 11 another Camaldoli
Mar 4

an isolympic train station!
Mar 5 Augustus & parametrics
Feb 28
   5 items on carnevale
Mar 1 Science City relaunch
Feb 25
   add photos to 'Tunnels'
Feb 26 add photos to 'Tangenziale'
Feb 19
   add to Jeranto Bay
Feb 21 add to Partenio National Park
Feb 17
 photo, D.Seymour
Feb 18 ...this just in from ancient Rome
Feb 14
Valentine's Day!
Feb 15 The other lava
Feb 11
add to Secret Museum
Feb 13 NUTS!
Feb 8

The death of Carnevale
Feb 10
Fincantieri & Castellamare
Feb 3
new deep drilling report
Feb 4
salt mines of Sicily
Jan 30

'green lungs' of Naples
Jan 31 pope, king and hangman
Jan 25
Sarno river update
Jan 27 'O sole mio - update on ©
Jan 20

brothel opens in Pompeii
Jan 24 Twin Peaks
Jan 17
1-star hotels
Jan 18 the Bourbon tunnel (photo)
Jan 14
evil-doers beware!
Jan 16 port metro progress
Jan 7
Orthodox Christmas
Jan 11 WWII bunkers
Jan 6

first snowfall of winter
Jan 7 rim-shot
Jan 2
photo 1st sunset 2017
Jan 5 A nursery rhyme for Befana
up ^2017
Dec 27
Madonna Street
Dec 30
Anna Cutolo
Dec 25
Naples Atlas complete
Dec 26 Trail of Memories
Dec 22
rumbles beneath Campi Flegrei
Dec 23 Naples & Fibonacci
 Dec 16
They're COMING!
Dec 21
Bud Spencer (r.i.p.)
Dec 13

Dec 14 Plato in Sicily
Dec 2

Installation art 2006
Dec 8
Nov 22

Europeana Regia Project
Nov 25
Cyop & Kaf        update
Nov 20

Mozart wuz here!
Nov 21
Night sky - Ischia
Nov 17
People of the Underworld
Nov 18 s.chiara, stained glass
Nov 15
update 'other' earthquakes
Nov 16 iTourNA
Nov 14

O little town of Trumplehem
Nov 15 Apple Academy opens
Sep 9

a dirty job, but someone...
Sep 11 Apple in Naples, cont.
Aug 25
earthquake memories Sep 8 Sunday 'sailors'
Aug 23
photo 76  Mercadante theater Aug 24 photo 77  ritual obscenity
Aug 21
add to Giordano Bruno
Aug 22 photo 75  Bay of Jeranto
Aug 19
sunken cities Aug 20 photo 74 San Carlo
Aug 17
photo 72 The Cruise Aug 18 photo 73 Royal Palace
Aug 15
photo 70 Vesuvius & Ferragosto Aug 16 photo 71 Totò
Aug 13
photo 69 statuary,villa comunale
Aug 14 underwater mapping of port
Aug 11
photo 68 the Fèscina
Aug 12 Mt. Etna v. bureaucrats
Aug 9

photo 66 S.M.Annunziata (Ravello)
Aug 10 photo 67 the Floridiana
Aug 7

photo 64 Alburni mountains Aug 8 photo 65 William Hamilton
Aug 5
photo 62 Edenlandia Aug 6 photo 63 Lamont Young
Aug 3

photo 60 Christ Church Aug 4 photo 61 Otranto, the Tree of Life
Aug 1
photo 58 Don't ask!
Aug 2 photo 59 Cardarelli hospital
Jul 31
photo 56 Cyprus grove Jul 31 photo 57 Parthenope mosaic
Jul 29
photo 54 Russian horses Jul 30 photo 55 Norman-Arab columns
Jul 28
photo 52 civic center Jul 28 photo 53 this photo scares me
Jul 26
photo 50 comparison & contrast Jul 27 photo 51 haunted house
Jul 24
photo 48 The Baia Castle Jul 25 photo 49 main post office
Jul 22
photo 46 The Christ of Maratea Jul 23 photo 47 Maria Sofia of Bourbon
Jul 20

photo 44 San Martino hill Jul 21 photo 45 villa Cimbrone
Jul 18
photo 42 tomb of the giants Jul 19 photo 43 S.Michele di Montenero
Jul 15
photo 40 restoration of Parthenope Jul 17 photo 41 nice morning
Jul 13
photo 38 Mr. Noodle Head
Jul 14 photo 39 Octopus & Topaz
Jul 11
hospital of the sea Jul 12 Olympic pool, Mostra d'Oltremare
Jul 9

male solidarity Jul 10 photo 37 Breakfast, Egyptian style!
Jul 7
photo of day 35 Confederate flag Jul 8 photo of day 36 Paisà
Jul 5

photo of day 33 Arechi castle
Jul 6 photo of day 34 coastal grotto, Amalfi
Jul 3

photo of day 32 Botan. Garden
Jul 4 Teatro Elicantropo
Jul 1

photo of day 31 Gesù nuovo
Jul 2 Music for Mark
Jun 29
photo of day 30 Gerolamini Jun 30 new museum exhibit
Jun 28
photo of day 29 tall-ship Jun 28 Brandi v. Google
Jun 27
Misc. p. 63-photo 28 Matese
Jun 27 add to Bakunin
Jun 25
photo of  day 27 Posillipo
Jun 26 Montevergine cable-car open
Jun 22
photo of  day 26 Pozz. bay
Jun 24 another Bakunin
Jun 20

photo of  day 24 Galleria Umberto
Jun 21 photo of day 25 Place in the Sun
Jun 18
photo of day 23 Gesù nuovo spire
Jun 19 aircraft carrier in port
Jun 16
more on W. Benjamin, chaos Jun 17 photo of day 22 Vesuvius
Jun 13
photo of day 21 St. Mark mosaic
Jun 15 Feel abandoned?
Jun 11
photo of day 19
pan of Campi Flegrei
Jun 12 photo of day 20 statue, Villa comunale
Jun 10

new archeo digs-Ischia Jun 10 update 'obscure composers'
Jun 9

UADD- cont. Jun 9 photo of day 18 Sebeto fountain
Jun 7
add to WW2-Naples bombing Jun 8 photo of day 17 cruise ship, Naples, dawn
Jun 7

add photos-Botanical Garden
Jun 7 UADD - it's bad
Jun 5

Capodimonte art gallery Jun 6 journalistic curiosity
Jun 1
photo of day 15 Sanfelice staircase
Jun 3 photo of day 16 Vomero hill
May 29
Industrial Arts Museum May 30 photo of day 14 Solfatara
May 26
news on Neanderthals May 28 photo of day 13 Nunziatella
May 24
photo of day 12 Aselmeyer castle
May 25 Mt. Telephone
May 23
WWF Oasis Pannarano
               also here===>
May 23 Miscellany 61#6
May 20
Art Deco posters May 22 photo of the day 11 Posillipo coast
May 17
Walter Benjamin, part 2 May 18 add postcard #27
May 14
Pompeii page 12 entries
May 15 revise Church of the Redeemer
May 12
Giuseppe Fiorelli & Pompeii
May 13 photo of day 10 Holy Redeemer mosaic
May 10

photo of day 9 Memento mori
May 11 Pompeii museum Misc.61 start
May 8

Little Kingdom that  didn't May 9 photo of day 8 villa Pignatelli
May 6
Caro mio ben May 7 photo of day 7 Piazza Plebiscito
May 3

photo the day 6 Land of Cimmerians
May 6 Up periscope. Fire.
May 1

photo of day 5 Lake Averno
May 3 the Enigma machine
Apr 29
photo of day 4 Mt. Solaro, Capri
Apr 30 saving the colors of Procida
Apr 28
photo of day 3 Mostra d'Oltremare
Apr 28 teaching farms
Apr 26
TV video on the Naples metro Apr 27 photo the day 2 San Martino
Apr 25
I Love Lucian
Apr 26 photo of day 1 small port & Royal Palace
Apr 21

Diomedes don't get no respect Apr 22 Crossing Out Beauty
Apr 17
Oplontis update Apr 18 Napoli soundscape
Apr 10

Mud pies and much more Apr 13 Baia-underwater guide
Apr 8

Bagnoli-new plan! Apr 9 Bagnoli - all items consolidated
Apr 4

new giraffe at Naples zoo Apr 5 add to Caiazzo- Cyclopean wall
Mar 29
Walter Benjamin & Naples Mar 30 Capri - non-Catholic cemetery
Mar 26
St. John Phillip Sousa Mar 27 J-P Sartre on Neapolitans
Mar 23
update Herculaneum papyri Mar 25 a clean well-lighted aqueduct
Mar 21

2 grottoes near Frosinone Mar 23 new exhibit - Pompeii
Mar 18
Liri island & waterfalls Mar 19 Lake Posta Fibreno
Mar 13
Foce Volturno nature reserve
Mar 16 Norman Douglas, Old Calabria
Mar 11
revise: Rebirth of Rome Mar 12 revise: Scipio Africanus, Lago Patria
Mar 9

Gargano coastal caves Mar 10 Ghost towns - pt.2
Mar 6
WWF Oasis Le Cesine Mar 8 Salento caves
Feb 29
Lithographs (1890-1900) Mar 2 sprouting volcanism
Feb 25
great old photo
Feb 27 great new photo
Feb 23
save your Confederate buttons Feb 24 the Last Stand of the Boubons
Feb 20

1st astron. telescope
Feb 21 Procida-restoration
Feb 16
Mt. Vulture
Feb 19 add to Ligurians-dating the past
Feb 13

Circello & population genetics
Feb 14 rewrite Ligurians
Feb 9

Circello & the Ligurians
Feb 9 carnevale - San Carlo
Feb 6

Salerno music conservatory
Feb 7 revise Lugurians - ancient people
Feb 4

Inca: poetry, G. Garzya
Feb 5 music education in Italy
Feb 3

You call this crap art? Yes!
Feb 3 Everybody's happy!
Jan 31

train news--good & bad Feb 2 beg.Miscellany p. 59-lake Pertusillo
Jan 28
energy from the waves
Jan 29 Memory of the World
Jan 26
Lake Campolattaro
Jan 27 Sant'Angelo in Formis
Jan 24
Apple in Naples?
Jan 25 the Bussento caves
Jan 21

Gairo (Sardinia) caves
Jan 23 coin scam
Jan 19
Massimo Troisi stairs
Jan 20 add image - Vesuv. train
Jan 17
Mt. Faito cabinlift
Jan 18 Moira Orfei circus
Jan 15
lighthouses for sale
Jan 16 add to lighthouses
Jan 13
geo-paleo park & lab
Jan 14 Tourist boom
Jan 10

add photo-The Horse Tamers
Jan 11 Piazza Municipio 2 -history
Jan 9
The Marlin
Jan 9 robin red breast
Jan 8

add postcard #25
Jan 8 Scudillo update
Jan 6

Jan 7 the Camerota Caves
Jan 4

secondary airports Jan 5 Centola Project
Jan 2

univer. students decrease Jan 3 add to Capri, Marevivo
up to 2016
Dec 31
The Blue Grotto Jan 1 New Year's swim
Dec 30

period postcard#24-1899 Dec 31 add notes to postcard 24
Dec 29
another cave-in
Dec 29 start Misc. 58, art shows
Dec 26
a mountain hike
Dec 27 art: The Other 19th Century
Dec 24
Christmas Eve
Dec 25 revise, add photo: Malta
Dec 20
restored: villa Pignatelli
Dec 22 Matthew 25:34
Dec 19
photo by Fulvio De Marinis
Dec 20 O Little Town of Levico
Dec 17
add Santayana com. to Nov 22
Dec 18 university choir
Dec 15
The Scudillo Slope
Dec 16 damage to animal hospital
Dec 12
natural science museums
Dec 13 Zubin Mehta & San Carlo
Dec 11
presepe in grotto
Dec 12 Acerra
Dec 9

underwater Manger displays
Dec 10 Stiffe grottoes & presepe
Dec 7
revise: Lettere castle
Dec 8 infiorate, flower petal displays
Dec 6

Take in the sleep-through tonight?
Dec 7 The Shepherds' Cantata
Dec 4

The Varia of Palmi
Dec 5 piano prodigy, Yoav Levanon
Nov 30
The Ratchet (musical instr.)
Nov 30
Luca De Filippo passes away
Nov 20
Alan Lomax in Campania
Nov 22
The 7 Madonnas
Nov 10
sloppy translation
Nov 15
When the Bough Breaks!
Nov 8

Cassandra (painting)
Nov 10 G.Garzya, new book
Nov 5

Mt. Soratte-bunker Nov 6
exhibit: C.A. Bixio
Nov 4
Mt. Soratte-Karst pits Nov 4  villa of Augustus-Nola
Oct 29

Find joy in small delights
Nov 3
new elephants
Oct 26

Mamma Ciociara Oct 27 amend Whiffenpoof song
Oct 21
This is pathetic Oct 24 abandoned railways
Oct 20
Taburno Regional Park
Oct 21 Savone River
Oct 19
Teanum Sidicinum
Oct 17 Capua - Amphitheater
Oct 14
Jeranto, Tarta & Ruga
Oct 13 S.Severino - orig.monastery
Oct 12
canyons of the Calore river
Oct 11 hike to waterfalls & mills
Oct 9
The Lady Lawyer?
Oct 8 urban sketchers on Ischia
Oct 7
The Paglicci Grotto
Oct 5 Gennaro Galante
Oct 4

R.I.P. Mark Weir
Sep 30
Other cave markings
Sep 22

recent work at Pompeii
Sep 24
Lunar calendars at Cuma
Sep 20

finish Allegro...series, #36-39
Sep 21
start miscellany p. 56
Sep 19

Today is the feast day of San Gennaro, patron of Naples. See this link.
Sep 17

hike: Punta Campanella    Sept. 18-19 series: Allegro ma...#9-35
Sep 16

start series: Allegro ma...#1-4
Sep 17
add to Allegro ma...#5-8
Sep 11
old Pozzuoli open to tourism
Sep 15 The Sacred Spring
Sep 8

Salerno med. school museum
Sep 9
Formiello fountain restored
Sep 5

update: archaeology-Procida
Sep 6 The arctic P
Sep 2

update:Laurito frescoes
Sep 4
unused metro station
Sep 1
S. Martino (island)
Sep 1 Neapolitan text, The Tempest
Aug 31
landslide, Monte di Procida Aug 28 period postcard, Nisida
Aug 27
Khaled al-Assad, in memoriam Aug 26 Calabrian Serre (park)
Aug 26
the Fleurtje (3-masted boat) Aug 25 Campo Soriano Regional Park
Aug 24
Regional Parks in Campania Aug 23 The Hollow Earth on Ischia!
Aug 22
Islands of Sicily Aug 21 The Cattolica Monastery in Stilo
Aug 20
The Grottoes of Ischia Aug 19 Eduardo De Filippo & The Tempest
Aug 18
update Nestor's Cup Aug 17 Right of Panorama (copyright law)
Aug 16
update-William Hamilton Aug 15 Gaiola Update
Aug 14
A. Melnichenko & his boats Aug 14 submerged monolith - Sicil. channel
Aug 14
update to UNESCO sites Aug 11 Nestor's Cup for sale?
Aug 10
update to City Walls Aug 9
The Night of St. Lawrence & Perseids
Aug 8

Smithsonian article on Pompeii Aug 8
Zaro Wood, Ischia
Jul 31

More heavenly tales
Jul 30 hermitage-St.Michele Montenero
Jul 25

I don't think we're in Kansas
Jul 25 poetry, The East River, G. Garzya
Jul 25
One small step for a bow-wow
Jul 20 Natural concrete & Pozzuoli
Jul 18

WWF-Oases in Campania
Jul 17
update Nisida
Jul 16

postcard 22
Jul 15
 Beauty and the Beast-Amalfi coast
Jul 11

Gaeta-Mt. Orlando urban park
June 10
  The Naples-Cuba Connection
Start JUNE 2015

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