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entry May 2008

                The Port of Molosiglio

Molosiglio is a “porticciuolo” —a small port— directly below the southern façade of the Royal Palace in Naples. It is one of the three small harbors in Naples that has berths for small private boats. The other two are Mergellina and Borgo Marinaro (the Castel dell’Ovo). Of the three, only Mergellina has commercial hydrofoil service (to Capri); Mergellina and Molosiglio are only for small pleasure craft.

Molosiglio is a box port open on the south and protected by a 160 meter breakwater running to the south-east. It has berthing for 150 boats (maximum length, 14 meters). Entrance is from the west side of the main sea wall of the main port of Naples. (For sailors, the exact coordinates are 40°49',99 N 14°15',53 E.) Molosiglio and the small military port adjacent to it on the east are on the site of the old Naples arsenale, the military shipyard, and were the waters that abutted the famous Santa Lucia section of Naples. That portion of the coast was changed significantly by new sea-side construction during the risanamento, the urban renewal project at the turn of the 20th century. Thus, Molosiglio abuts on the west many square blocks of new hotels along the long street named via Partenope and then via Nazario Sauro, blocks that essentially sit where the waters of old Santa Lucia used to be.

The area of Molosiglio is served by the main portside road, via Acton. There is a small park between the road and the port, itself. There is an abundance of greenery, but the park has deteriorated beyond belief. The large pool and fountain would be a cess-pool except for the fact that there is no water. The basin is full of debris and the fountain is overgrown with weeds. That situation has been the target of numerous complaints and one now hopes for the best.

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