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Art Portal

Entries in Naples: Life, Death & Miracles dealing with art and sculpture:

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2 Statues
8 statues (and sculptors)
Art Gallery, National (Capodimonte)
art gallery (on-line) of Napoli Undeground
art, modern (installation)
art, modern (museum)
Academy of Fine Arts 
Achenbach, Oswald
Artemisia & Judith
Art theft 
baptistery of San Giovanni in fonte
Bearded Lady, the
Byzantine art in the south (1)  (2)
Caravaggio exhibit
Caravaggio's "7 Works" on loan?
Caravaggio, the last
Carelli, Raffaele
Cavallini, P. in Naples
Chapel of Treasure of San Gennaro
Christ of Maratea (statue)
Christ Blessing (Leonardo)
City of 100 churches (Aversa)
Coleman, Charles Caryle
Crossing out beauty
De Marinis, Fulvio
de Matteis, Paolo
early photography
Gemito, Vincenzo (& Anna Cutolo)
"Giant," the (fountain)
Gigante, Giacinto
Gioconda, la 
Girolamini, church reopened
Horse Tamers (statues)

Impossible Exhibit, the (2014)
Infiorata (flower petal mosaics)

installation art
Joli, Antonio
Jones, Lois Mailou
Kapoor, Anish
Laurito frescoes
Migliaro, Vincenzo
Mon(n)a Lisa 
Monument fountains 
museum, archaeological
museum, archaeol. (staircase)
museum, San Gennaro
Napoli Underground art gallery
"Neptune" fountain
Other 19th Century, the (exhibit)
Painters of Neapolitan Baroque 
period postcards
Pitloo, Anton
Pompeii (art restoration)
Ragolia, Michele
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
Royal Porcelain Factory
Salerno Ivories
Salvi, Selene (paintings) (2)
Siren's Last Song
Society - Promotion of Fine Arts (1861)
Statuary in the Villa Comunale
Tree of Life mosaic in Otranto 
Vanvitelli (van Wittel), Gasparo
Veiled Christ
Volpe, Vincenzo
votive wall shrines

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