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                                     Entries in Naples: Life, Death & Miracles
                                dealing with the history of the Kingdom of Naples
                       (i.e. since the 1100s). For earlier, see Ancient World portal.

                               items marked 'post-un' have to do with
                                     the period after the unification of Italy in 1861

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14-part chronological history of Naples

Kings & Queens:

Garibaldi (U.S. reaction to)
Gladstone's pamphlet on Naples
The Golden Age (1600s)
The Grand Tour
Granili (granary), Royal
Greeks in Naples
Hamilton, William (Sir)
historical professions (6 entries)
Historical units of measure & currency
Historic Center (map & tour)
Institute for Historical Studies
Institute for Philosopical Studies
Jesuits in Naples
Jews (early settlement in southern Italy)
Knights Templar

Lepanto, (Battle of)
Lighthouses in Naples post-un
Lombard Kingdom of Italy
Lucera (Muslim colony)
"Macchia" plot
Magna Grecia
Masaniello's Revolt
Maschio Angioino
Mazzella, Scipione
Mercato, Piazza
Monarcha (Bourbon Flagship)

Murat. G.
Murat and the Neapolitan Navy
Naples in the 1600s
Naples (bank, archives)
Naples today post-un
Neapolitan Republic (first)
Neapolitan Republic of 1799

Neapolitan War
Nelson, Horatio (vice-admiral)
Nelson at La Maddalena
"Nile" (square & statue) 
Nobile, Umberto
The Normans
The Northern League post-un
Old city/New Cit
Otranto (historical mosaic)
Paleo-Christianity in Naples
Parthenopean Republic
Pastoralism, the Lucanians and the Alburni
Paupers' Hotel, the
Piazza Mercato & the church of Santa Croce
Pietrarsa (railway museum) post-un
Pietrarsa (royal foundry)
Pisacane, Carlo
Villa Poggioreale
Popes from Naples
Porta San Gennaro
Port (ancient Neapolis)
Port, Roman
Portus Iulius (Roman imperial port)
Pozzuoli (port of)
Quisisana (Royal Palace)
Reubeni, David
Revolution (of 1848) in Naples
anti-Risorgimento & Bandits 
Saepinum (Roman Town)

Sant'Elmo fortress
San Vincenzo a Volturno

Saracen Towers
Secret Societies
Sele River, Hannibal & Spartacus
Sicilian Vespers & Aragonese Castle
Siege of Naples - 1528, the

Swiss in Naples
Sybarites, the
Terra di Lavoro
Tosca & Queen Caroline
Two Sicilies, the (Why Two?)
Venezia (Palazzo)
Vico Foundation
Vikings in the South
WWII entries at 'W' in index post-un
WWII Bombing in Naples post-un
Zeppelin Attack on Naples! post-un

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