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Underground Naples Portal

These are the entries in
Naples: Life, Death & Miracles dealing the caves, quarries, tunnels, aqueducts, catacombs, subway construction sites and archaeological sites beneath Naples and a few elsewhere.

Amalfi - Beauty & the Beast
Ancient port of Neapolis
art gallery, on-line
aqueducts (1)   (2)
Beneath Mt. Echia
Beneath the Oldest Basilica in Naples
Big Archie & Living on the Edge
Big Money Pit, the
Bourbon Tunnel, the
bunker photos at NUg
Bussento caves, the
Camerota Caves
Campo Soriano Natural Monument Park
Cami Flegrei (alias Flegrean Fields)
Castelcivita Cave
catacombs (1)    (2)
catacombs, Jewish
Cavallone grotto (Abruzzo)
Cave-ins and sink-holes
Cavern of Mithra, the
Caves & Tunnels & Holes in the Ground
Caves for a song
Cavone, the
Cistern (Roman, in Caiazzo)
Coastal Caves (1)  (2)  (3)
Cocceius, Lucius Auctus
De Marinis, Fulvio
Drive-through cave, a (Sardinia)
Fontanella Cemetery, the

Gauro Mt.
Greek tombs
Grotta di Cavallo & early humans
Grotta di Maria Cristina

gullies of Puglia (Belvedere 'lama')

Ħal-Saflieni Hypogeum (Malta)
Ischia & "Countries of the Mind"
Ischia, the Grottoes of
Karst Caving
Magnificent Magmathon!
Matese massif
Meri karst pits of Mt. Soratte (Rome)
Metro construction (running series)
Neapolitan Crypt, the
New Trains & Old
Nicolardi (via), cave-in (2015)

What's this? No, it's not construction for
  a new metropolitana station. Click image.

Also see the website of NUG, Napoli UnderGround, run by ferocious urban troglodytes! There are considerable English-language sections expertly handled by Larry Ray, who has also contributed recollections of Naples (see his link in this sentence) as well as some of the above articles to Naples: Life, Death & Miracles. Larry also has this 30-min. interview (on the NUG website) with New Zealand radio about the "second city" beneath Naples.

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