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Naples: Life, Death & Miracles contains:

MAIN INDEX/Home page - Alphabetical list of about 2000 entries.

WELCOME - A single page explaining the premise of this website.

SITE MAP - This page.

PORTALS - A subject index divided into areas such as music, art, history, etc. Includes a list of theme-based series, such as miscellaneous churches, villas, etc

MAP & TOUR - A single page with an "active" map of the historic center of Naples, linked to descriptions of the active items. Page includes a text, i.e., a tour of the two main streets in the area bounded by the map.

OTHER- Links to articles not in the main encyclopedia as well as shorter items about Naples. Includes 14 linked articles in chronological order for a straightforward history of Naples until the unification of Italy (1861).

NAPLES, THROUGH THE EYES OF... - Excerpts from the works of those who have written about Naples.

VENUES - A single page of venues for cultural happenings such as operas, concerts and exhibitions.

HISTORY - links to the history portal (above).

PHOTOS & AUDIO - Photos, other graphics, and (as of June 2013) some audio segments.

ERN - Stands for "Everything is related to Naples," a collection of quirky and more curious items selected from the entries of the encyclopedia.

MUSEUMS - Single page list of museums and tourist boards in the Naples area. Includes times, phone numbers.

SARDINIA As of October 2009 a section of articles about the island of Sardinia.

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MISCELLANY - Short items from 2007 to the present. Contains hundreds of shorter items not necessarily in the main index.

EARLY MISCELLANY - Short items from 2002-2007.

ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO - As of Sept 2015, a selection of older humorous articles not necessarily about Naples.