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A Graphic Overview of the Area Around Piazza Plebiscito

Royal Palace Church of San Frannesco
                    di Paola Piazza Plebiscito Naples Prefecture San Carlo Opera Maschio Angioino (Castel
                    Nuovo) Galleria Umberto Mercadante Theater Piazza Municipio Palazzo San Giacomo (City
                    Hall) Church of the Incoronata

This is a display of the main area around Piazza Plebiscito, the Royal Palace, Piazza Municipio and the old fortress known as Maschio Angioino. The items are identified in the key in the boxes on the map. The individual letter/number tags circled in yellow in the main body of the map are "live" thas is, if you click on one, you will link to a relevant article about that site.

Note: As of this writing (May, 2013) the large square below Piazza Municipio (letter A on map) extending south--between a1 and a2-- all the way to the port) has been a gigantic construction site for a number of years with no clear end in sight.

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