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Map from 1780

The first attempt at an archaeological reconstruction of ancient Naples

The first informed archaeological efforts to uncover the ancient Greco-Roman history of this part of Italy were made by the Bourbons. The most interesting part of this map is probably the location of the old port (blue circle). It is very much "inland" compared to the layout of the modern city. As it is shown on this map, it is approximately where modern day Piazza Borsa is, at the start of Corso Umberto, the boulevard that runs to the train station along the southern edge of the old city. Also of interest is the fact that there is no western or northern city wall shown. The red circle is around the first settlement, called "Parthenope" and then, simply, "Palaepolis" ("old city"—to distinguish it from New City, "Neapolis" —Naples.) (See this link for more on the old and new cities, including a modern graphic.) The yellow circle is the island of Megaride (site of the Egg Castle) and presumably where the original inhabitants first landed before moving across to found the first city, Pathenope, on the height.  (The circles are not "live"—that is, not linked.)

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