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   entry May 2004
Imperial Roman Thermal Baths

The Department of Engineering of the modern-day University of Naples is located in Fuorigrotta off of via Terracina and via Marconi. The university, thus, shares land with one of the most interesting examples in Naples of Imperial Roman thermal baths, uncovered in 1939. The baths were at about the halfway point between Puteoli(Pozzuoli)  and Neapolis and were undoubtedly a place to stop and rest for a while.

The building has many levels and was built in the first half of the second century AD. The entire complex was built around the frigidarium, the cold baths, and the apodyterium, the dressing room. There was a type of central heating system, provided for by the existence of a double floor which allowed hot air from the ovens to pass and circulate throughout the structure. There are a number of mosaics showing interesting and anthropomorphic renditions of marine life.

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